Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Orphan medley

This is my fourth day to have a bad sore throat and feel very tired. I stayed home from church and from the GRWC rehearsal because I wanted to rest, and I didn't want to pass the germs around. Rain/snow today, which results in FOG.

But I have been working a little each day on the Orphan Medley in my last post. Today I bound it, including a label.

My last piece of work was to put a "fancy" quilting bit in the one while muslin patch.

Now it is out of sight. Mingling with some family laundry.
And I am preparing for a colonoscopy tomorrow. So only liquids to "eat".
Books by Mary Balogh for escape
Chicken broth
feather duvet keeping my feet warm


Penny said...

I hope the colonoscopy goes well, and that the chicken broth was tasty.

Nanci said...

Hi Sara, well here in Ontario, we are having the same weather. Isn't it depressing to say the least? Hope you feel better soon, my husband has been sick for 2 weeks, no flu shot for him, tough guy that he is!
The little quilt is lovely, very bright and cheery.
With the yucky weather, we are having mac and cheese...to stick to our bones....

Louise SS said...

I hope all goes well, will keep you in my prayers.