Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Basement bathroom improved

We have been improving the basement bathroom, sometimes called "The Swimmers' Bathroom". Our basement walks out on the lakeside--so it is where the swimmers go in and out of the house. But all year round the basement is also where the guest room and family room are, and Charlie's new "office" space is part of that.

This was always a complete 3/4 bath, but not in the greatest condition. So we had it all re-painted a neutral beige color.
And we had a new, water-efficient toilet installed. Doesn't it look strangely narrow? There are two buttons for the flush, one regular and one strong, for #1 amd #2.
And a glass door on the shower, as well as tile on the shower floor [which had badly pealing paint before this].

After 24 hours we will be able to try the shower out. Hooray for the Swimmers' Bathroom!

Various grasses to contemplate while walking the labyrinth
Soft rain most of the day
Found a non-dairy ice cream

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Carol, Song of Joy said...

Hey, as one who uses the "swimmers' bathroom" from time to time, I'm thrilled. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm glad for you. It looks lovely!