Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Sun mostly together

I going to call this quilt "Summer Sun" because if is all yellow. Last night I finished sewing my blocks into two long rectangles--and I'm not sewing those two together until I have done some quilting.

Since this is going to be a summer quilt, I am making an indication of the sun in the middle . I made one Snowball block for the sun itself, using a lighter, mottled yellow fabric. Then I slashed some railfence blocks and inserted a 1.5" strip from side to side. One the first four, I carefully alternated the way the rail went before I cut the pile of four. Then when I decided to add some more, cutting on the Real diagonal, from corner to corner, I didn't think that was necessary. Wrong! I couldn't get them to point in the direction I wanted and still keep the rails going in the right direction for the design. O, well, use them a little further out. Certainly USE them.

Now I am studying it, trying to decide if they are TOO wonky.
Hmm, now there's a concept.



Got through exercise class

Smell of bread baking this afternoon

Plumber started work on downstairs bathroom

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burtonsnorth said...

i am most impressed with your "gratitudes". i think i will follow your example and share things i am grateful for each time i post something on my blog. thank you for being a good influence on me.