Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Machine problem

I was sewing away, getting my scraps used up--and when I looked up to change my needle position, everything on the sewing machine screen was "8.8", in all the different categories. Hmm, can't get it to change. Maybe if I turn off the machine and wait a few minutes? . . .. . No, everything's just the same. Oh, well, maybe I can just keep on sewing with the old settings. Oh, No. Machine will not do anything.

Unfortunately this looks like a computer chip problem. Took it into the Pfaff shop for analysis on Saturday, but there were no mechanics on duty. Waiting to hear their diagnosis.

Thank goodness my friend Dianne is once again willing to loan me her Featherweight, the one that travelled to Florida with me.

Therefore I am able to keep sewing on these leftovers I found from a much earlier project. I have been combining and then cutting them into 3.5" squares. I have 21 blocks, and I don't think there is enough left for any more. At this moment my plan is to make placemats for the deck meals.

Meanwhile, the temperature is up in the 80's, and a long-haired dog has to find someplace that is cooler to lie down. Zeke finds that ceramic tile in the shower does the job. Or curling around the toilet.
Michigan strawberries at a roadside stand
Jazz at the Zoo
Ice maker in the refrigerator--remember when we had to re-fill those trays all summer?

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