Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grocery Totes

I needed a break from the yellow, yellow, yellow.

So when another Blogger pointed me to Lazy Girl Designs [not Lazy Gal, Tonya] for a free tote pattern, "With Love Tote Bag", off I went to see if it was as easy as she said. Well, it is. You need just one yard of fabric to make a tote, a lining and the handles. Of course, you could change something around to your own style.

I made one. According to all the instructions. Looks fine, but quilting fabric is a little flimsy for this application.

I made a second one [of a better, heavier fabric] with two minor changes.

I made a third one because #2 was so perfect for a grocery tote [Vegetable Fabric!], that I wanted to make another--so I could HAVE two, or I could give one away, or at least I would finish up that fabric!

I would say the second and third only took about 30 minutes each.

So a completely different project for today; and they are all completed. Wow, when has that ever happened? Haha, I can list this as a One Project A Month completion!



Leftover rhubarb crisp
Charlie gone to Chicago with pals to see the Tigers/White Sox
Painting progress in the swimmers' bathroom
AAA came in 15 minutes when my car wouldn't start


Rose Marie said...

Great totes ..... especially the veg. one.

Carol, Song of Joy said...

Hey Sara, you could make lots of those and sell them at some "green" outlet! Just kidding. But they are lovely. Especially like the veggie fabric. Enjoy your weekend!