Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Let's go down to the lake!

A hot, hot day mostly spent sitting right in front of the oscillating fan. But at 4:30 we agreed it was time to go down to the lake! This was our first time to get in the water this year, so Charlie found the old "noodles" for flotation and he carried them down the steps and dropped them by the dock.

I started raking the weeds along the dock while he went offthe dock into the deeper and cooler water. After a time we changed positions.

I waded through the gunk to get out to the clear water, and then enjoyed floating, looking at the blue sky. Zeke took his tennis ball and lay down in the shade. He is NOT a water lover.

Then we enjoyed the refurbished "swimmers bathroom", ate gaspacho and shrimp for a cold supper and went off to a township meeting on a new nature park. [The meetinig was in the air conditioned library.]



Attic fan pulling cool evening air in our windows

Though people disagreed, the meeting was not acrimonious

Now. . .more strawberry shortcake

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Carol, Song of Joy said...

Sounds wonderful, Sara. The heat really is oppressive. Already close to 80 here this a.m.

And let's hear it for strawberry shortcake! Tomorrow I have my physical and I'm quite certain the scales and my blood work will reveal way too much of that sort of thing! :)