Saturday, June 13, 2009

Twelve Apostles?

Some time ago I played with some scraps and white muslin. I made most of them into 3.4" blocks. Yesterday I found them under a pile of other scraps, and still being tired of Yellow, I played some more.

Last night I chose the border fabric, layered it and went on to finish the machine quilting.
Today I picked out binding fabric, made the binding and applied it. Finished at 17" x 18", an odd size. Can't see that it is of any USE at all, except as an instance of "project improv". And I like it.
There were 12 scrap pieces to start with--so Twelve Apostles? I think the three pieces I added outside of the 12 ,"in the margin", are Three Women, as usual not included among the apostles, but holding the whole together!
Also there are a couple of "Invisible" apostles in the quilting.
Brats on the deck for supper
Peter and Lynne came over last evening to play bocce
dogs thought we were playing "fetch"; hilarity!


grammilou said...

That is so attractive! It doesn't have to be for any specific purpose other than enjoyment. Hang it on the wall and think about who those three women are.

Brenda said...

I like the title, and the idea. nice peonies too, I can almost smell them from here. everything up in Manitoba is very late this year, but my peony buds are showing colour.

Quilter Kathy said...

Very fun...I'd like to try this on a bed quilt to use up my scraps.

Diane said...

This is a fabulous little quilt and the border fabris is perfect for it.