Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mowing the labyrinth

Turning around a bend in the path. . .

Every week I intend to mow the labyrinth I put in our meadow several years ago. I don't really have a choice if I want the labyrinth to be useable! This year I have done very well on getting to it each Friday.

In the center, emtry/exit path and six "standing" places. . . .

This week it rained all day on Friday, so I was a day and a half late. The grass along the side of the path is now so long that if I get a little bit off kilter, these grasses wrap around the axel of the wheels and really slow me down. Usually I can do the job in 30 minutes. This time I sepnt 20 minutes and was only 1/3 of the way finished. I was sweating and huffing sao hard, that I put the machine away until the next day!

Very foggy this morning, so I kept to the sewing machine, where I made pillow cases to go along with the Summer Sun quilt.
I had purchased enough of one yellow fabric to be the bodies of the pillowcases, and I used the leftovers from the quilt to make bands for the cuffs of the cases.

I have a little pillow to put between my knees, so I made a yellow case for that pillow as well.

GrammiLou commented that this quilt seems to have progressed very quickly. Well, yes! I looked back and see that I started it on June 1--part of an internet Quilt-along. I really focused on it for two weeks, AND when I gave it to Catherine, my LA quilter, she loaded it on her Gammill that very night! She heard me that I wanted this quilt for the SUMMER. So June 1 I started, and June 21 I finished the pillowcases. Yes, that's quick.



Enjoyed the new quilt on my bed last night
Newly found Mendelsohn music on radio
Charlie safely home from his trip to Ontario [baseball Hall of Fame]


Andee said...

Have been watching your progress on this sunshine quilt, gorgeous! Yellow is a great color to cheer us in these economic times and I find myself drawn to it too! I LOVE the pillowcases, I may have to make a few like that...they look great!

Sharon said...

Your sunshine quilt looks great, and it's amazing how quickly it came together! Just shows how much one can accomplish if you're dedicated!

I love the matching pillowcases - what a great idea! Then you don't have to worry about having the quilt long enough to cover the pillows. Brilliant!

grammilou said...

Twenty days from start of sewing to on the bed (with matching pillowcases!) is not just quick, that's blinding speed! I love how cheery this quilt is. What weight batting, and what kind (cotton or poly) did you use?

I really enjoy reading your blog!

Quilter Kathy said...

What a very happy bed you have! Lots of positive energy radiating from that quilt!