Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Split" Rails

In order to have enough "rails" for the golden yellow fences I have been sewing together the leftovers. This gives me some extra strips for my blocks, and I hope will add a little "zip" to the final look.

So today I have 70 "regular" blocks, some of which include the scrappy strips. These will be set Rail Fence style, though mostdo not have a dark rail on one side. My plan in making so many is that I will have NO borders! Yes! Borders are always a problem. Recently I have seen several quilts with no borders, and they look great. What a solution! However, it does mean more blocks to get the quilt up to size.

This is enough for a 7 x 10 set, which should be almost 70" x 100". However, they are not all pressed yet.

Looks like it's going to be a summery, sunshine quilt. I'm feeling energized by this project right now, and they isn't going to be any more instruction until Monday. Should I go ahead and start compiling rows? What else could the next instruction be after all?

Hmm. Out of energy for tonight, so I'm going to knit or read.



Visit by Carol Ingells
Dinner out: plate of 3 different salads
Five "Living On The Edge" ten minute plays tonight

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