Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some Lighter Yellow

I took my extra darker yellow strips and sewed them end to end, as preparation for the binding of the Sunshine Yellow quilt. Maybe it will be long enough.

Then I sewed the little "waste" triangles together and made little patches. And I sewed Them together and end to end to make a strip of leftovers that can be pieced into the backing of this quilt.

But I was really thinking all day that 70 blocks was not going to be enough. You see, somehow I have begun thinking of this as MY quilt for the summer. And my bed is queen sized.

So last night I made 10 more blocks of lighter yellow fabrics that I still had (and had earlier rejected as "too light"). Here's a photo of the new blocks on the left and a bit on the others on the right.

80 blocks is supposed to be enough to make a top that is 80" x 100". But is THAT going to be big enough? Do I need another 10?

So now I only have to wait until Monday for the next set of instructions.



Guided walk through the Wege Natural Area
Yummy lunch [and conversation] at Sue's house after the walk
Also great to see Kim and the Sikes at the walk

Sue's begun QUILTING!

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Sandy said...

I really like all the yellow fabrics used in your quilt. The finished size will depend on how you want it to lay on your bed. I have a full (or double)size bed and always use a queen size quilt and duvet which drops about 16 inches on both sides, it's OK. However, I just purchased a King size quilt/bedspread that goes to the floor on both sides and am able to tuck the pillows. I love this look and DH and I no longer fight for the covers.