Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trail Volunteer and Rail Fence blocks

Charlie has signed up to be a Trail Volunteer for our Kent County trail system. He has been to the class, had his "record" checked, and received this splendid costume which he is to wear on the trail.

His assignment is to walk at least two hours a week and report the condition of the TRAIL. If there are any problem with PEOPLE, he is to use his own cell phone to call the sheriff.

I'm working on the Rail Fence blocks, which seem pretty big. But then, that will make the quilt top quicker! Here are some of the blocks to show how the colorway is looking. Looks like Summer or July Sunshine!

And here is the wastebasket with the slivers of trimmings from cutting them all to my PPM, 10.25" square.



Easy picking out new tiles for basement shower floor
Progress on the Rail Fence blocks
Robin chicks have flown away (or disapeared anyway)

1 comment:

Mary said...

I just love quilt trash...it's so pretty!

I also love the PPM concept, my blocks always seem to be just a sliver undersized but I'm consistent so they all work together well!