Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bad Eye!

This is the eye that went to the doctor yesterday and didn't pass the examination.

According to Dr. Gindzin there was a little bleed again, so "you are going to get a little poke."

The injection to the underside of my eyeball wasn't as bad as the first OR second time. And Charlie was there to do the driving, stopping to buy a Subway sandwich for supper. But I did go right to bed and sleep for two hours, and I didn't go to the sewing machine last evening at all.

I guess the "good" result is that I finished another fingerless mitten while sitting in the waiting room for two hours.



Reunion Group Xmas presents
Holiday lunch with the Lectionary Gang
Handwork that I can SEE even when eyes dilated


Finn said...

Oh Sara, I'm soooo sorry that you are having this ordeal. Vision is worth almost any cost. I know well all the things 'they' can do that hurt.
I have 7 eye surgeries and a laser procedure behind me since 1997. I just have one working eye due to three detached retinas(left eye) in 3 months. The last time they just filled the eye with silicone oil. I can see the big E with that eye, but that's about all.
I've never seen anything like what happened to your eye(eyes?) who would think the computer could do that to a person.
I'm delighted you have an outlet for your hands when the eye isn't doing well. Sending big sympatic hugs, Finn

Nines said...

Ouchie!! Hope you recover soon.