Saturday, January 23, 2010

Flannel Waste Triangles

Today I took the "foursies" of flannel waste triangles that I put together a few days ago, and I have been seaming away. It is six blocks by nine, so forty intersections to match through the machine. O my gosh, was it really that many? No, it was eighty, two intersections per block.

And here's view of the end result. I decided to set them randomly rather than any of the several "organized" sets that I tried first.

Now I am adding a three inch border in a green plaid. The top will be put away until the backing I ordered on the internet arrives, and the time to take this over to Catherine's.

My next task is to cut all the scraps up into useable sizes and clean up the mess.



Making plans to visit Sue in Richmand.
Watching some ice dancing on TV
That the logjam in Haiti is getting a little better


Jeanne said...

You made excellent use of those 'waste' triangles. :-) Love scrappy quilts.

Quilter Kathy said...

This is quite a cozy masculine looking quilt. Great use of the "waste". What will you make now with the rest of the leftovers?!?!

Helen said...

Great looking quilt! You must have had a fantastic flannel stash!!

Happy Sewing!