Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quilts out and in

Working last night and today I completed this top from old flannel blocks, and put a border of green paisley. I picked up extra-wide muslin for the back. [But boy! I don't want to go to JoAnn's on a Saturday afternoon again.] This will be for a lady who needs a quilt.

I left a total of FOUR quilts with Catherine Martin for her to work on next. Whoopee, I'm making progress on the UFOs!

I picked up two from her that she had finished. This is a side view of my version of the "Your Way" mystery that Spoolspinners did last year. Now to get it bound before our meeting on Thursday. I'm still trying to think of the right name for this one. .. "Falling Shoo-Flies"?

I took the rest of the afternoon off. . .just reading a book and wondering what project I will take up next.



Catherine is so helpful with her quilting designs
Leftover chicken was plenty for dinner with pasta and zucchini
More reading after dinner

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Scrappy-Quilter said...

I love the scrappy star quilt! what a great quilt! With simple planning it creates the stars. I love it! I have your blog on my list to check out when I can. I so enjoy your blog.