Saturday, January 9, 2010

UFO progress 1 & 2

All the batik strips were sewn together, cut into 6" strata, and then re-sewn into a rectangular bargello. Not so many seams! The bargello-ness of it is not easily visible, but quilting design may bring it out.

The inner border is a great green to go with all these colors, and the pink leopard batik may or may not be an excellent choice. At least it is different from my usual choices.

I seamed together two widths of polar fleece for the back [and batting in one] and this is all in a bag together to go to Catherine for quilting.

#2 for January: the pineapple top that Dianne passed on to me about three years ago as a "problem". Since then it has languished. Somebody did not really great work putting these appliques on. Today I added the tropical print borders and cornerstones. I think this is as far as I am able to take this one. It can only be improved by quilting, so this too will go to Catherine.

Actually, these two may be the February UFOs since I may not get them back from Catherine for a while. Nevertheless, I am safe because she already has two tops of mine which I should get back this month at our Bee meeting.

At this point I can allow myself to work on something "new", if I will really finish it by the end of June, or I can pick another already started project.
Hmm, the Carolina Christmas or those flannel Square-in-a Square blocks?



Sunshine on the snow
Der Rosenkavalier on the radio
Shrimp in the freezer for dinner


Sharon said...

I like your batik bargello quilt. And I love the green and pink borders you added.

Good for you to get going on the UFO's! You're off to a great start!

Finn said...

The batiks are really looking good! That IS a great green, and I like the outer border. Seems to be in the same mood as the interior...good job Sara! You are just going gangbusters..I think I'd better get busy or eat your dust...LOL Sending hugs, Finn