Friday, January 22, 2010

Shoo-Fly quilt DONE

I was able to finish the binding yesterday before the Bee meeting. So, it's DONE.

This is my take on the "Your Way" mystery our Bee did during 2009. Mine is larger than most of the Bee member's versions since I wanted it to cover the queen bed, not be a throw.

I'm thinking about putting this one in the Guild Show in October. Mostly because it is wonky and not many like that are shown here. But also because I am pretty proud of it!

This is my #2 UFO completion for January, so I made my goal this month.

So after that excitement, today the box with the Christmas 9-patches and Snowball blocks was still out in the sewing room--- and I thought, "Why not just get these finished off?"

This one, the LAST one, is mostly green. And now the blocks are all sewn together! It comes to 60" X 96". Pretty long.

I stalled out on the backing, until I realized that the flannel waste triangles might be just the thing. Make a reversible quilt.

Those flannel blocks are NOT completely sewn together, but they might just be the next thing I work on. I did make a diagram of my plan for them.

Meanwhile I am spending time squaring up the waste triangles from the Snowball blocks of all three Christmas quilts. Why? Well, I needed a "hand" project I could take to the Bee meeting last night. And once I was started, I again thought, "Better finish this up while it's OUT." They are coming out to 3 3/4", which is odd indeed, but I don't want to lose that 1/4 inch. Just call it my "Personal Precision/Peculiar Measurement."

There are 200 of these which will need to be thunk about.
How to put them together?
When to put them together. DARN, I think I just created another UFO!



Charlie will go with me to Elk Rapids for Gwen Marston Retreat in October
NPR news and classical music while I sew
Secret Sister gave me a Dorothy Sayers mystery she had liked


Nines said...

Love red and white and the black looks great, too. New projects do have a way of being born...

Barb in Mi said...

You should be proud of "your Way" quilt - it is beautiful! Congrats on finishing another UFO - and yes, I would agree: they seem to multiply... and sneak up on you..
Have a great weekend!

grammilou said...

Your Shoofly quilt is gorgeous, something kind of different in a great way!

Quilter Kathy said...

Congrats on a great finish!
Amazing how you created a UFO without intending to!
I find that I have to finish things when they're out or they disappear into the UFO kingdom!

Carol, Song of Joy said...

That Shoofly guilt is wonderful, Sarah. I continue to be in awe of your talent and diligence.

Did you know Elk Rapids is my home town? Nice place indeed!

Have a pleasant weekend.

KQuiltyBee said...

That shofly is phenomenal! I love all the different size blocks. Great job working on these UFOs--I'm inspired!