Friday, January 15, 2010

Sashing done

I used some "soft" blacks for the cornerstones. That is, they are not DEEP black, but have modest white prints toning them down a bit. I didn't want the cornerstones to really stand out, just be a little noticeable.

The outer sashings have no cornerstones.

This is a square quilt, right now about 84", which is wide enough for our bed, but not long enough to tuck under the mattress. My current plan is to wait until it is quilted, and THEN add another 12" of length to the bottom edge. This additional piece will not be quilted, but will give me a "tuck under" that will hold the quilt in place. My mom used to do this to blankets that were too short.

Furthermore, I also have the back almost completed. One more really long seam.

Company for chili tonight, so I need to leave the sewing room and work in the kitchen.



Catherine says pick up two quilts tomorrow
House smells like chili
Charlie's night to cook, so he'll do everything else
Snow melted off the front walk, so we don't have to shovel


Brenda said...

looks good from here. I really like the b/w prints -- they freshen it up. why do you need a tuck under piece?

Quilter Kathy said...

Congratulations Sara! Love that idea for the tuck under!

Sara said...

The quilt will end right at the bottom edge of the mattress at the foot of the bed. I want the quilt to stay [roughly] in position when we are sleeping under it, so I want a "tuck under" piece that will not show at all, but will be tucked under the mattress and hold the quilt bottom in the "correct" place.

Does that make sense now?

beth said...

This is beautiful! I wanted to make this one...but have too many other projects. I love how yours turned out!

Suze said...

It looks very nice. Do you have a photo of how a quilt with a "tuck under" piece looks? I've never heard of that.