Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stay at Home Day

While I am waiting for the other charity quilts to be quilted and come back from Catherine, I made two pillowcases. The red one is made to match the red and white Zigzag that was finished just at the end of 2009.

The one on the right is made of the fleece that I used to back my first finish of this year, the 9-patch and snowball Xmas quilt.

And here is each quilt packed into the pillowcase, ready to send off!

I am a member of the Libquilters group, which is having a two day stay-at-home retreat. I got out four pink and orange Log Cabin blocks I made about a year ago as part of "project improv". Right with them were some more pieces, ready for more logs, and there were also more logs! So today I made four more blocks so far. I think there will be four more, hopefully by the end of the day.



Tuesday is my "No Errands, Stay At Home Day". Makes me happy.
The bed in the sewing room is slowly re-appearing.
Rehearsal last night preparing for our concert in Saugatuck Saturday.

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GRACE said...

sara, i LOVE your log cabin blocks, soooo tropical looking, so free form, so beautiful! can't wait to see the finished top!