Saturday, January 2, 2010

First UFO decision of 2010

I have been sewing together some of those not-so-first-class batik strips I showed on the blog. I have now a possible 1/4 of the quilt top. I may just leave them as strips, or I may "bargello-ize" them. I'll see how I'm feeling about it when I have finished four strip sets.

I am getting my impetus from a family in need that my daughter's family adopted in St. Louis. Two kids didn't have beds, but were sleeping on the floor, so Marti's family bought them beds. When I asked her about bedding, she said they couldn't afford to do any more! Well, what I meant was, "Do they need quilts?" She didn't really know, but her husband immediately said, "Quilts would show love, that somebody else cared about them."

OKAY! I find that to be a marching order. It may take me a few weeks, but I can see a UFO or two that need to be finished SOON.

And Finn, who give the challenge on finishing UFOs for the end of 2009, has graciously asked if she can join ME in the Two a Month UFO Finish goal for 2010. Well, gosh, of course she can! She has inspired me for two years. Glad to have the company!

Anybody else want to take this on as a goal? Got some flimsies that need a push?



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Leftover pork-fried rice, so dinner will be easy
Going to see "Blind Side" after supper


Everyday Quilter said...

Hi Sara
Love your fabrics...gorgeous colours...look forward to seeing what you do with them......I was involved with Finn's UFO challenge and was woefully unsuccessful! I would like to join you both in my quest to clear the UFO pile! Blog almost non exisitent.....will put it on my to do list Ann-Maree in Sydney

GRACE said...

ooohh, love 8 and 9...gorgeous!

Finn said...

You're off to a grand start Sara, personally I really like those batiks. I've had a couple from Wally World at the low price and they weren't bad at all. Just not American made batiks. Probably from India where everything is cheap. I think they will make a great quilt, either as a strippy or a bargello(altho that one is alot more sewing). Happy Stitching, I'll catch up with you soon. Hugs, Finn

Jessica Christensen said...

I have so many flimsies, that it's ridiculous. I would love to give it a good push to finish some more in the next two months. There's no way I'll empty the closet, but if I could finish 8 more, that would be heavenly.