Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 UFO problem and solution

I remembered an old UFO that I had taken no photo for my UFO album. So to be "complete", I went looking for it. I knew just what cabinet it was in, under a pile of clothing patterns. When I got there, that project was something else. A different UFO I had forgotten! So I kept looking , and I found FOUR undocumented UFOs.

This is not good. I am not happy about this.

#1 At the top we have poor quality batiks, already cut into strips.
They were marked down at Walmart, and in a roll. I thought I could make a
quick Lasagna quilt with them--or something else with strips. I made a quilt with SOME of them. But there is enough left for another.
The colors aren't bad together.

#2 we have the Block of The Month at Hancock's Fabric store from 2004-05. It commemorates the Lewis and Clark expedition. I finished most of the blocks, and have all of the kit. I don't like the look of the design, and I thought I could improve it.

#3 we have the 12.5" flannel Square-in-a-Square blocks from a swap in 2004. I have 36 of them finished, and more parts. The blocks are HUGE. But they would make a big quilt, and somebody could be kept warm.

But. . .how to put them together? Do they need sashing? Should these be made into the BACK of a quilt?

#4 there are the Waste Triangle HSTs from the corners of those Square-in-a-Square blocks. And some matching plain squares. Enough to make another quilt top.

And #5 there is the Bonnie Hunter Caroline Christmas Mystery for which I have finished the blocks, but not decided what layout to use to make them into a top.

As I said yesterday, I have about 30 UFOs--now 35.
I have GOT to get rid of some of these UFOs, or finish them.

Here's my plan:
1.] Finish or get rid of TWO every month for the next year.
2.] Finish or get rid of every NEW project I start January through June.
3.] Finish or get rid of every new project but 3 that I start from July through Dec.
[This is because some projects just can't be completed before the end of the year for various reasons, such as it is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery.]

To help me keep track of all this I am going to have to put lists on the sidebar of my blog. Haven't quite figured what I want there yet.

I think this will mean not very many NEW projects this year. I'll see if I can keep to this plan.



A holiday morning to sleep in
Dinner with Bob, Lynne and Peter in Holland
Bright full (almost) moon tonight shining on the snow
Back is improving, only a few twinges today


MaryEQuilter said...

Sara - I did the same thing on my blog. I didn't count how many UFO's I have - and like you I probably missed some - I know I have some unfinished blocks I won in a raffle etc. But I did list the ones I found and prioritized the first 10!I keep taking on new projects - don't we all. Good luck with your goals - once I am done with a project I am leaving it on the list, but putting "COMPLETED 2010" in front of it so I can keep track. Happy New Year Mary in MA

Brenda said...

ouch! no new project?!?! how about another solution -- giving away those batik strips and flannel blocks and making another quilter happy? No, not me, I've got my own list. but somewhere in your town or church or community lives a beginning quilter who would love those UFO bits.

Nines said...

Looks like you have some fun ahead of you! And yes, as for the socks-that means that you need 10 dpn's. Not a problem since the metal ones come in packs of 4- kinda like hotdogs and hotdog buns- why do they never match up? Glad you stopped in to visit.

Finn said...

Hey Sara, did you know you are set on the 'no-repy' comment setting? I clicked on your name in the addy to get to your profile page, and see you have no email listed. Any chance you'd want to change that by adding an email addy? It's ok if you don't *VBS*
I'm here to say I'd like to officially 'join' your 2 UFOs a month challenge for the next year. Many of mine are already flimsys and need a backing, etc. They will get machine quilted by me, for the most part. It's getting "going" that I'm having trouble with..LOL
Let me know if I can keep you company and I'll post on my side bar also! New Year,new goals hugs, Finn