Sunday, February 17, 2008

40th Anniversary celebrated

We had a great time for our anniversary! First champage and appetizers at Peter and Lynne's house. Then downtown to Leo's restaurant where we all had well prepared and delicious food for dinner. We laughed over how cold the people must be who rode past in a horse-drawn carriage while we drank more champagne in the warmth.

How fortunate we are in our children. They surprise and delight us with shared laughter and tales of their lives as 30-somethings. Lynne and John, their spouses, are valuable additions to our family, and provide more humor.

This morning before the early church service let out, Martha made our "No Stain" punch--one bottle of Vernor's gingerale and one bottle of white grape juice. Lynne was bustling around getting the food on the table and everything "just right".

And Peter was cutting up fake flowers Martha had purchased for the table decorations.
When the early service was over, we took the real flowers off the top of the cake, and cut the first pieces. One layer of chocolate and one of lemon. There were not a lot of folks at the 8:00 service because we had icey roads.

But there was a good crowd at 10:00 plus some friends from our exercise class.

So we cut another cake and ate more turtles and drank more punch with or without champagne.

And Lynne's Dad even drove over from Holland!

Marti and John left for the airport and St. Louis, and the rest of us went out to the bookstore for lunch.

When we finally got home at about 1:30pm, Charlie and I had quite a stack of anniversary cards to enjoy together. And then I took a nap! Entertaining is an exhausting business for me.

Charlie has gone back to church for the Lenten soup supper, but I am staying home with an apple and some sharp cheddar.


So many blessings!
Rack of lamb for dinner
John singing the hymn "Lift high the Cross"

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