Friday, February 15, 2008

Anniversary celebration

Sunday is our 40th wedding anniversary. Our daughter Martha and her husband are coming tonight from St. Louis to spend the weekend with us, so we will go out for a family dinner celebration on Saturday with them and son Peter and his wife, who live here in Grand Rapids.

The big party will be after church on Sunday after each service. We have ordered a small "wedding" cake for each coffee hour and will also have punch, cookies and turtles.

Here's how we looked 40 years ago in frigid Minneapolis leaving the church:

I guess we should have another photo taken in the same pose. Compare faces!

Last night I finished a Welcome-to-your-new-House-Block for Bonnie Hunter. Tanya [ ]suggested that friends do this, and for uniformity sake we should all use a "neutral" RED background.
I worked very hard to make the printed patchwork on the top one come out exactly on the seam lines, but then failed to make the roof big enough! So I will send her the bottom one that was a better roofing job, plus I had that yellow fabric with the already woven in. . .what do you call those little wooden sticks between the pieces of glass in a window? Anyway, they were provided nicely by the fabric. Plus smooches on the door to welcome her in.
In the same envelope I sent a block from the Carolina Crossroads, which was the thank you agreed upon by that group.
Exercise: 50 min class in the pool
Facial today
conversation with Peter
Martha & John here and laughing

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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

mullions. the wood stripping stuff between the glass panes. I think. perfect fabric for that and love the lips.

these houses are great and I love that top roof just the way it is. that's the joy of wonky houses - roofs don't have to fit.