Saturday, February 16, 2008

House work

Yesterday I reworked the house block by taking the roof off and building a new house UNDER it. That's the green striped, rather tropical looking house.

Then I constructed a new roof of dotted black fabric on the old house. That's the patchwork house. Hmmm. That roof looks a little narrow, and not straight. Guess we'll just called it "liberated".

This AM while DD and DSIL were still sleeping in, I put borders on the most recent Bargello.

I had bought this railroad track fabric when a local store was going out of business, just for the fun of it. Now I can see that it makes a good striped border which looks simply brown and black from a distance.

I always slow down once I get to the borders, andeven slower when it's time for the backing...NOW.

Guess I'll sew together some of those 10.5" squares that Bonnie suggested for backings. I have collected quite a pile of them. They are of a wide variety of colors and patterns, and I have to push myself to just put them together. Unlike Bonnie, I like to offset them by a half a square so there once again aren't seams to match.

Getting ready for the Anniversary Celebration tomorrow, I took Martha over to the church to meet the cake(s) delivery and set up the reception table for our anniversary party after the early service tomorrow. We have filled the refrigerator up with punch makings and champagne, and have the dishes of Jordan almonds on the smaller tables. Now I'm ready to put my feet up for an hour before we get ready for the Family Festive Dinner at a Restaurant.


Exercise: Up and down the stairs at the church

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Sunshine again
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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I can't believe you reworked that house just because of that small roof. I really liked that roof. but fun to see the new houses too. I get slowed way down by backing too. hate that job and basting and binding. the three B's.