Monday, February 18, 2008

The Other Wacky Basket quilt

I'm working on the task I have been avoiding: The OTHER Wacky Basket Quilt. My Bee, the Spoolspinners, is making two quilts of liberated baskets. One is well on the way, and the borders are being appliqued with baskets of flowers. Photos are in earlier posts.

I'm working on the OTHER one. That is, I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about how to place these blocks together. They are about four different sizes. And this has stumped me for about three months.

I have finally decided that I will use TWO of the four sizes to make a large quilt top, and use the rest to make a smaller quilt.

Today I have been measuring, and re-sizing, and counting, and drawing diagrams, and you see the six blocks that finally have their sashings attached. The Twist and Turn setting was the best I could come up with.

Before I cut any more sashings tomorow, I need to be sure that I have enough of this black striped fabric to do the whole thing.
But right now my brain is fried. Time for a little escapist reading.



Exercise class friends ate most ofthe remaining turtles
GRWC practiced "Salmon Run" tonight
Loaded more songs on Ipod without Martha's help this time

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Katie said...

That twist and turn with the black strip sashings is perfect. Sure hope you have enough.