Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spoolspinners Bee anniversary

Here is a photo of the only member of our Bee that has been in it since the beginning, Carol Kuipers. She was awarded two tiaras--both with SPOOLS on them, for SpoolSpinners. We celebrated with ordered-in pizza, salad, and desserts!

Then we had our regular meeting with a talk by our Big Spool on quilting designs, Secret Sister gifts, and Show & Tell. Lots of fun.

And I did get to show the completed top, or center of the second Whacky Baskets quilt. I had finished sewing the blocks together at about 5:30 pm, just before I had to leave for the meeting.

These blocks we made did not all turn out to be the same size. In fact they were quite a few sizes! I picked out 7" square blocks and 7 x 8" rectangles for this quilt. Each row of three has one rectangle in it, which helps to make everything more tipsy.

This now leaves 20 blocks that didn't fit into either top. Twelve are the same size, and 8 are really various. Should we put them all into one wall hanging sized quilt top? Should we divide them into several table-toppers? Should we just put the block in the drawing? No answer from the group tonight. We'll cogitate on this in the background and consider it again next month.



Yea! Job accomplished!

Got a glimpse of the eclipse last night

Woman at the well meditations


Greenmare said...

I love love love those wonky baskets! I think what you should do is pack them all up and send them to me! Yes, I'm sure they need some fresh WI air!

Marit said...

That is such a vibrant and fun quilt - I love it! It must be great fun to have produced it together as a group. Thank you for sharing!
A little idea for the rest of the blocks - maybe frame them in black to a nine inch block and let them "float around" a bit unevenly in a top. This would even make the whimsical impression stonger, I think. Good luck and hope to read the story about the rest of those sweeeeeet baskets. (As I am a basket lover myself.)

Tracy said...

I can hardly find the words to express how much I love the tiara!!! It is awesome!!!

Love the baskets, great job!

I have tagged you, head over to my blog to see. :)

Kucki68 said...

I love the black strips with the wacky baskets!

kwilta said...

OOOH love the Tiara presented there, great idea for our quilting guild