Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whacky Baskets #2 continued

There is plenty of black fabric for this sashing. Enough was bought for the backing. And I now have 18 blocks together in three strips of six. And I have three strips of three that are pinned on the bottom of them.

[These should be lying on my bed, so they are easy to rearrange and then pickup, in order, and rush to the sewing machine. However, THAT MAN has decided to go to bed! My goodness! It's only 10:48 pm. I could get a lot more done by midnight if my largest work area was still available!]

The black fabric is striped, which is making it look almost quilted already. I hope the blocks don't really show that they are two sizes, but only that the blocks are dancing around a little. After all, they CAN'T be evenly placed, since there are two sizes. The whole thing will be six by nine blocks, about 50" x 80". Then the applique folks will get to thinking about borders. Since the two tops are different, the same border treatment probably will not work.

The Spoolspinners Bee monthly meeting is this Thursday, so that is the deadline I am working against. Should be OK with two days.



I lasted 10 minutes longer swimming laps

Leftover stew and chili mixed for dinner

Making progress with Leader/Ender project too while working on this project

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