Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Carolina leftovers

After much thought I finally realized that the Carolina Crossroads blocks were nine-patches. So I made BIG nine-patches to set between the "Ring" blocks I had put together with leftovers a couple of days ago.

So now I'm looking at it and not too thrilled. I hope getting the RIGHT borders on it will make a terrific difference. It is pretty dark, so I started with a 3/4" light mini-border. It's all sewn. And now I'm kind of stuck for what comes next. This will be a baby or neonatal quilt, so not very much bigger. The big nine-patches are looking HUGE to me.

Therefore I laid it aside and did "thoughtless sewing" for the rest of the afternoon and evening. That is, I put more pieces onto Confetti blocks. And I spent time reading other quilter's blogs.



warm sewing room on a wintry day

classical music on WBLU

sharp cheddar cheese


Tracey in CT said...

I like the way the different size nine patches play off each other.
It is looking good, but I think that it needs a little zing to liven it up just a touch. Maybe a red border or a few red appliqued hearts somewhere in those bigger 9 patches?

Jeanne said...

I agree with Tracey. It looks great to me. It's fun watching what you do with all of your leftover CC blocks.

Helen in the UK said...

More great ideas for the mystery 'leftovers'. Congrats :)