Friday, February 8, 2008

Leftovers from Carolina Crossroads

For some unknown reason I looked in my box of 3.5 inch patches, and there was a pile of 9-patches!

I usually have at least three little quilts for donation to the Neonatal Unit at our regional hospital when the Guild collects them in March. So I have had it in mind that I should make a few that size. I finished putting this top together yesterday.

Today I have been worrying about the LEFTOVERS from the Caolina Crossroads quilt. I had about 20 rail fences that I decided had too dark a center rail. I had about. . .Oh, another 20 9-patches with the accent corner, which I decided was too LIGHT a yellow. And then I had a few dark cornered 9-patches, and a whole lot of little squares and little strips of three squares.
So, entirely out of keeping with my normal prqactice of piling the new projects on top of the old projects, I felt that this pile of leftovers has to be HANDLED.
I sewed a lot of little things together so that they made whole 9-patches. However, the yellow "accent" squares were migrating around because there were so many of them.
Now I have counted them:
20 rail fences, 20 9-patches with dark corners, 40 9-patches with the accent corner, and maybe another accent (or two) in the block. I have put everything else away into the drawers. Tomorrow I will have to devise something with these blocks. Those railfence blocks are really dark. I could make 5 of Bonnie's Ring blocks, and still have a lots of 9-patches leftover. I can't think about it any more right now. I'm DONE.
Swimming today. Steps: 2838
Hot shower in the locker room
Afternoon nap
Dinner at new friends'

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Helen in the UK said...

Way to go with your little 9 patches & CC leftovers. Haven't even finished assembling my top yet!! Look foward to seeing what you come up with :)