Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines and Hearts

The UPS man stopped about 2 pm, and I thought it was going to be two new pairs of pants for Charlie.
But "No!" It was a Valentine's gift FOR ME from my Spoolspinners Secret Sister.

Here is a plate for my chocolates or brownies and a HUGE cup for my Hot Chocolate. Then there are four FQs of RED fabric, my favorite color, and a tin of sugar-free hot cinnamon candies! Yea! a candy for a Type II diabetic.

Thank you, thank you to my Secret Sister!

I have been looking at the Confetti blocks again, and there were 12 that looked pinky and pale compared to everything else. So I found some sashing strips that were of the same ilk, tho' a tad darker, and I sewed them into a 3 x 4 Baby quilt. It looked pretty unfinished and dull to me.
Then I remembered the packet of jewel toned, pre-cut hearts I got from Keepsake. Grabbing a few, I dropped them on the top as a sign of love, appliqued them down by machine, and now I am satisfied. This is really too large for the Neo-natal Unit, so this will probably go to Pine Ridge. [Still not really my style. Oh, why did my parents raise me to "use it up" rather than "throw it out"?]

I now have three little tops for babies that need backs and to be quilted. Is this a sign that I should do them myself and "practice" machine quilting? Or is it a sign that I should call a Long Arm machine quilter and pay her to do it for me?

I am doing a great job a AVOIDING the two jobs that need to be done by next Thursday!


Secret Sister
Smell of stew in the crockpot
Funny anniversary cards

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