Saturday, April 19, 2008

Daffodils in bloom

Forgot to say that we have had about three days of quite warm weather here in western Michigan, and the daffodils are REALLY showing!

Here is part of the view I have from my kitchen window back toward the road and our intervening meadow. This bed of bushes was only cleaned up and mulched last fall. Daylilies and daffodils were put in the front of the enlarged bed. So this is their first showing. As you can see, we don't have any leaves on the bushes yet.

The second photo is looking toward our front door, with daffodils under the birches and white anemones or wind flowers by the step.

I must really love daffodils because every fall I buy more bulbs to plant, even tho' I know it's a long wait until they appear. One of my favorites is "Salome", which has white outer petals and a yellow trumpet.

I would like to have red tulips, and have planted some at different times, but the deer eat them, and even if they continued, they get smaller every year. The daffodils just increase. Tho' I suppose eventually I should divide them, I haven't so far (16 years) and they keep blooming each year.


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Amanda said...

I think daffodils are my favourite flower. It's so lovely when they start to bloom and you finally know that spring is on the way. They're about the only cut flower that I like to have in the house too. Others are ok, but great bunches of daffodils make me happy

Lindah said...

Beautiful views! We have the same disease...or perhaps persuasion is a better word-- daffodil-itis. I fall for "just a few more" bulbs every year because they are so persistant and the squirrels don't like them. My mother used to say, "Pretty is as pretty does." I think daffodils qualify. :-)