Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Orange Crush, Step #2 done

I now have TWO little recyled baskets with many 3.5 inch blocks. On the right are the 150 (+2) four-patches from Step #1, On the left are the 142 (+1) Split four-patches from Step #2.

The Not-quite-lining-up problem had two possible solutions.

A.) I could sew with the multiple pieced piece on the top, which would allow me to aim for the intersection and hopefully hit it fairly often. Unhappy result: final block LESS square.


B.) I could sew with the simple large triangle on the top, which keeps the final block MORE square, but frequently misses the intersection.

I went with B. I was always missing the intersection on the "float" side, rather than cutting off the corner point. I didn't think that was going to bother me. Anyway, it would bother me less than having wonky blocks. [I LIKE wonky blocks when that is intentional, or for a Crumb quilt!]

Here's what is left over. These were all unsewn pieces, but I decided they MIGHT be more usable put together as far as they go. Since I have some Crumb or Confetti blocks in process, I don't think these will be lying around for long!

The spring/summerlike weather drove me to stop at the nursery today while on my errands. I came home with six pots of herbs and a six-pack of "Happy Returns" day lilies. I actually got the day lilies in the ground TODAY, which isn't usual. It certainly helped that there is a new area in the garden that is blank. [The herbs are sitting on the kitchen counter to remind me of them.]

Since I had shovel in hand, I dug up four chunks of Queen of the Prairie (Filipendula), and two chunks of Black-Eyed Susan and carted them out to the meadow. They are now mashed into the ground in what I hope are good places. Time will tell if they survive such cavalier treatment and the competition of the field grasses. My theory is: Give them a CHANCE, and see what they make of it. Plants have to be tough to work with me, at least in the meadow. I will water TREES for the first year, but can't carry water for much else.



Colorful plants in the nursery

Leftovers, just cook asparagus!

learning my Chorus music from CD


Amanda said...

Your blocks look so 'ready-to-go' in their baskets. It's so good to find someone else who is happy NOT to be a perfectionist and to accept the quirks that fabric throws up.

Kathy Wagner said...

Thanks for the smile today -"plants have to be tough to work with me"!! That's my motto too!
Love your littlbe baskets full of blocks from the first 2 steps - ready and raring to go!