Saturday, April 26, 2008

More about Door in the Square

Here was my first idea for the Door in the Square blocks---

But when I "finished" making them, I had 20 of each background, and I couldn't use them all in this setting, or iI didn't have enough.

So I went out on this cool, blustery day and looked at the current state of Spring.

These are "Thalia" daffodils. Not quite small enough to be called miniatures, but certainly little.

Pink magnolia along with the forsythia. Not really a great color combination. What was I thinking when I sete the tree here? I guess I didn't know that they would bloom together!

"Juneberry" I call it. Some say "Serviceberry" or "Shadblow". Latin name is Ameliancher. Just starting to open.

When I came back in, I decided that these Door in the Square blocks are going in two different items. I put the black ones together, and then took all the extra 2" strips and made a first border. I will either add another black border or just bind it in black.

Then I put the colored blocks together. Maybe a narrow black border will happen next.

Maybe I'll go looking in the Stash for wide borders for each of them. I hope I don't just tuck them away to "age", another word for UFO!



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Amanda said...

These quilts are looking really cute. What will you do with them?

Louise in Sweden said...

I just love color...they are wonderful!!!

Sharon said...

What a clever little pattern. Looks like lots of fun to play with! And I like your bright, happy fabric choices!