Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easter Banner

A couple of years ago I saw a church banner that was simply made of ribbons with bells at the bottom. I could easily see how it was constructed in one minute of study. The pole was wood, and the crosspiece had the ribbons nailed to it to keep them from sliding off. Some of the ribbons were red and some were gold.

So when I came home, and the local hobby store had ribbons on sale, I bought a bunch of gold and red ribbons of different widths and about 3 yards long. Then I went to a flag store about bought an aluminum pole and crosspiece with wooden knobs on the ends.
I knew that I had a string of brass bells from Pier 1, years ago and some that had been my mother's. I dug those out. I didn't want to permanently attach the ribbons, because I could see that this banner could serve for more than one season if I could change the red to WHITE for Easter and Christmas. So I glued a Hook side of Velcro to the crossbar, and sewed the fuzzy part, in little pieces to the middle of each ribbon.

Right now the white ribbons are on the crosspiece, and the banner is carried into and out of church each Sunday with the bells swinging.

After Easter I will remove the white ribbons (only) and replace them with red ribbons for Pentecost. Some of those are more orange and curly to look more like flames. The gold ribbons just stay in place all the time.

Toddlers love to "pat" the bells when the banner is placed in the hallway like this after the Sunday services.

The first photo was taken on Pentecost a couple of years ago with Charlie and Me. [Those pants were a Father's Day gift to him over 35 years ago. The power of polyester has lasted all this time! Well, it helps that he only wears them ONCE a year.]



Still singing Easter hymns

more sun and crocuses


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Every time I look at your blog, I mean to mention that my Mother was the President of the ECW here in Michigan when I was much younger. I can't remember what years it would have been. Probably in the 80's. I changed to my husbands religion, but have fond memories of St. Christopher's in Grand Blanc where I grew up.....
Not quilty, but I meant to mention it to you before now....
Regina in MI

Tracy said...

Love the banner! I also love Charlie's Pentacost pants:)

Janet Neeley-Johnson said...

I love your banners. They are very simple, yet elegant. I have just started making banners for my Episcopal church and am now inspired to make something with ribbons and bells.