Friday, April 25, 2008

Door in the Square

Suddenly today I saw that I could put together the Fat Eighths of polka-dot fabrics from a swap on retreat with a pattern I saw on someone's blog.
I don't know what she called it, but I'm calling mine "Door in the Square". It is made the same way as a "Bordered Square", but the center is a rectangle and the borders are not equal.

I figured three different sizes, and decided that 6" finished would work best, since I was using FEs. I ironed four FEs together and cut enough pieces for two blocks. And "Bingo!" I had pieces for eight blocks. There was just a little left over for short 2" strips and "crumbs".

I could sew these together with the "Door" from another color, rather than black, but I didn't go that way. I have a bigger piece of the black polka-dot fabric, so I can make half of the4 blocks black with a colored "door".

These fabrics are so much fun, and the block is simple to make. I'm having a great time while Charlie is away for two nights at the diocesan convention.



Laundry done
Hair cut short again
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david santos said...

Hello, Done Sara!
Excellent work. Thank you.
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice weekend.

Amanda said...

These look fun. How large will the finished project be?

Helen in the UK said...

These look great - love spotty and dotty fabrics :)