Monday, April 21, 2008

Surprise Tulips

Didn't think I had any tulips left. But here is a patch on the lake side of the house. Guess the deer haven't been over to this side yet!

Back in the sewing room I am making a little progress on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery #2.

I am using the "Easy Angle" ruler that Bonnie recommends, but so far the pieces are not fitting together real well. The little tirangles go onto the square just fine. However when I go to sew the large triangle on it doesn't seem to fit exactly. The edges to be sewn don't match up, leaving me unsure which of the two edges to use as my sewing guide. I've made about 40 and now when I am squaring them up, some of them don't "square". You may be able to see that the corner ofthe square doesn't hit the triangle precisely. I'm not letting this bother me, but it is a sign that something is not working right so far.
So much color in the yard
Made reservation for September holiday
Charlie made turkey meatloaf!


Amanda said...

I've had similar problems, but fudged them according to Bonnie's Fudge Factor directions, and I'm sure they will be fine. Yours look pretty good to me.

Carol said...

I have also had the same problem but they are not too far off so I think it will work itself out. And I thought I was being extra careful too! :c(

Penny said...

I've made bigger ones of these, not using Bonnie's instructions. I've found you need to sew them with the big triangle at the bottom, and then you can be sure of hitting the right bit of the square when you sew. HTH

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I had the same problem, but someone on the yahoo site posted that since you know the solid triangle is correct, just match the outside corners and trim the pieced one to match on the inside seam. Clear as mud, huh? They will all be beautiful and Bonnie's patterns usually have a fudge factor....
Regina in MI