Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some crocuses and four-patches

Though I was impressed with the redbud trees blooming in Virginia, I am REALLY excited to find that my crocuses started to bloom while I was gone.

These white ones are at the point of our dirveway circle, so I noticed them as soon as we drove in. I think I also have some white anemones planted here, so there will also be white blooms a little later.

INSIDE the circle of the driveway I have a big flower bed. Here I planted purple crocuses over the years, and they are beginning to add up to quite a few. The variety is called "Remembrance" and they have been available year after year, so I stick with them. I think there is a lot of yellow in bloom first thing in the spring and I like to have something different to go with the yellow.

Hurray for a sunny, warm day today. I could walk around the yard and look for green leaves poking up for daffodils and day lilies to come later. I enlarged the bed in the "island" last fall, and now I don't know what was moved into the new area. This will be interesting to watch!

And here are the four-patches for "Orange Cr
ush" (Bonnie Hunter's second mystery quilt) that are spinging up in my sewing room. I used quite a mix of colors in the DARKS, and even some variety in the LIGHTS, including some yellow. I see in the Orange Crush photo album that some people are using a consistent light fabric, and some have even used just one color for the dark. I'm taking Bonnie at her word on this and going straight to the mixed up 2" strip bin and taking what is there. No yardage cut so far. Don't know how this is going to work out with the four yardage fabrics that we are also holding ready for further instructions. But, then, it's a mystery, and we just find out one step at a time.


Sunny, warm day!
Crocus, snowdrops, and eranthus blooming
"Emperor" piano concerto at GRSO


Amanda said...

Isn't it a joy each year to see the spring flowers coming through. It really is that 'primitive' thing about being reassured that the world is coming alive again.

Helen in the UK said...

Your 4 patches look just right - I think they are exactly what Bonnie envisaged. It is fun to see all the different variables people use come together as quilts :)

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Bonnie's mysteries are just the most fun a quilter can have, I think. I'm holding ready with you! Hasn't our weather been wonderful this weekend? Yipppeeee!
Regina in MI