Monday, April 28, 2008

Garlic Mustard all over

We have an infestation of Garlic Mustard in our area. Every property owners is urged to eradicate this plant because it covers the ground and shades out not only wild flowers, but even tree seedlings. It is a biennial, so it takers two years to set seed. When it dones--thousands of seeds are released.

So here is a photo of three Gralic Mustard plants in my gully from the house down to the lake. There are many, many more, even though I had my gradening helpers pull piles of it last year. I don't have it in the meadow, just where there is some shade.

It was GOOD NEWS to me this morning when the Bella Fiori truck parked in the driveway. Three workers were here from 8:15 to 2:15 doing spring clean-up and also cutting down briars and Garlic Mustard before zapping them with Round-up.

Boy, I hope this makes a difference!

Naturally my neighbors are not participating in the Garlic Mustard WAR. They are oblivious. Therefore, we will no doubt get more Garlic Mustard seeds from their plants later in the spring.

Meanwhile I can enjoy the cleaned up beds and trimmed bushes. Probably I will get a few more perrenials for this bed, which was enlarged last fall.

I could get down on my knees like this gal, but I would have a terrible time getting up the third or fourth time. And then I would be a rest home case for two days. This help is one of the things I pay for with my inheritance from my parents. This and symphony tickets.



Garden helpers
Zeke obeyed when I said "Quiet!"
Smell of bread baking

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