Friday, April 18, 2008

Raffle Quilt - Whacky Baskets

Hoo-ee! Our SpoolSpinner raffle quilt for the Guild has been quilted!

Next the binding---which will be the same striped fabric that was used in the inner border.

Here is a close-up of a "blank" corner, where you can see the imaginative quilting showing up against the black.
Boy! It doesn't show against those baskets.

Also you can see the applique flowers, made from basket scraps, better here. I sure didn't participate in that part of the project.

Just for scale here is a photo of the discussion following the Reveal. Catherine Martin, who did the machine quilting, is in the light green.
Everyone is delighted with how it has come out. Lots of "ooo-ing and aah-ing".
The remaining basket blocks are going to made into quilt tops for Bee members, two or three tops of different sizes. I have my part put together in a top, but maybe I will add borders as well. We figure out some way to draw names or ??? at our December party.
Birthday Lunch for Kathie and Dee
Intestines calming down
Open Space preservation meeting went well


Louise in Sweden said...

I love the wacky basket makes me smile!

Lindah said...

That is such a neat quilt! Indeed, it makes me smile, too! The quilting is great. It must have been fun to do.

Lynne in Hawaii said...

That quilt is just so sweet! Lots of fun! Well done!

Amanda said...

This quilt will always make people smile.

Sharon said...

What a happy quilt! And the quilting is just right for it! I love all the different baskets, and the applique border is outstanding. I'm with you on the applique - it's always someone else's job, not mine! Great quilt!

creativedawn said...

Goodmorning Sara,
OOOOHHHH AAAHHHHH! What a beautiful quilt! I am not sure why you were unable to navigate from my site to the next in the MQ webring.....I was able to....maybe computer enjoy your site as well.... happy quilting

Marit said...

Just love that quilt! It seems like you have a lot of fun together in the Spoolspinners...

Helen in the UK said...

LOVE this quilt. Hope you raise lots of money with it - it's certainly worth it :)

Julie said...

This is a fun quilt...but I just have to comment on the border - it is absolutely gorgeous..