Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bread for New Year's Eve

Carefully keeping my back straight, I mixed up a new batch of dough and then baked two loaves of the "Master Recipe", so we have our carb for a festive dinner. The chicken thighs are defrosting. One of the guests just called with regrets because she has a sore throat and doesn't want to share. So we'll be just five friends of similar age. [Let's just say 65 and up.]

Since we all go to the same exercise class, maybe I'll lead us in some stretching moves to improve my back and theirs! We can wear silly hats while we do it, fall down, call it "drunk" and go home by 10 PM., avoiding the really drunk people on the road. A New Year's party for the truly mature!

My back is a little better. I think I'm learning that what sets the cramps off is leaning at a certain small angle forward, like I do at the sewing machine. Since I was spending a lot of time there in the last days, finishing UFOs before the end of the year, I am now taking the day off from sewing, and maybe tomorrow and the next day. I will se if that leads to my total recovery.

Best wishes for 2010 to all my blog readers. And let's call it "twenty ten", that's one syllable shorter than "two thousand ten", and will serve us better for the next 90 years. [Anyone hanging around that long to check?]



A warm, safe house
Plenty of food
Good health
A loving, dear husband

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