Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mistake slows progress

When I got to pressing my "Poinsettia Stars", they were looking very good, until I opened one up and found this:

Not so good! How can this happen when I only have to do the SAME thing over and over for 48 times? Oh, well, I have ripped it open and resewn it. Now I DO really have 48 blocks that look the same. [Yes, Bonita, it does get a little tedious at times, so it is good to do them in sets of 10 and then take a break!]

I picked a Un-Finished Object [UFO] that has had two different "waiting" periods, and I have made the binding strips and the backing. Now I am quilting it on my machine; since it is only about 40" square, I can maneuver it through the small space of the harp of the machine.

A few more T's to quilt and then the borders.
I'm calling this "T is for Tessellation".

Charlie got to the airport at about 11:30 last night. It was quite a change for him to find 11 degrees instead of the 80 they had in Haiti.


Fun to sing the GRWC program again at MAJIC
Learning about Food for the Poor from Charlie
Met Opera on the radio while I sew.

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