Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Starting Step 5 of Carolina Xmas

Piles of units are lying on my cutting mat awaiting their first opportunity to bond together into a larger block. I finished these piles just last night.

I even had the black ones squared up, but then my eyes began to fail me, and I needed to put some more time in to the C.J. Box mystery I am reading. So I quit.

Now I am following Bonnie's instructions
on how to join these together. There are to
be 52 of these blocks at the end, so 104 of the half-blocks. I have made a "lot" of these.

And I have also put together 12 of the blocks. She says they are called "Fox and Geese".
Well, isn't that nice!

However, I have many, many more to make.

And I'm not going to show you the alternate block until I get done with this one and go on to work on that one.

But other news from today: My every-four-weeks trip to the eye doctor.
"Everything is perfect," he said.
Therefore no injection again this month.
That makes two in a row that we have skipped.

Hurray! Someone has been saved the $2000 cost of the injection material [Medicare and Blue Cross] and I have saved an afternoon for sewing because I didn't have to keep my eyes shut for 5 hours to recover from the insult to my eyeball.


A warm house [wind and snow outdoors]
Electricity [may go out in this storm]
Kathie being my driver [Charlie in Haiti]


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Great news about the eye treatments, Sara! I'm so glad for you. Hope Charlie has a safe and meaningful trip.


kim said...

It is great to hear the news of your eyes again this month. I am also happy to see the next part of your quilt. We are learning about geometry in second grade this month. Maybe some will become lovely quilt artists like you some day. I am thankful for the warmth and shelter too.

Quilter Kathy said...

So glad to hear your eyes are doing well! Must be all that quilting you're doing that is healing them!
Your mystery blocks look great...I am trying to catch up to you!