Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Daughter of UFO #5

This morning I finished quilting the "Leaded Leaves" table runner for my Secret Sister.

Then I made the binding [to match the outer border] and applied it to the back of the sandwich.

I fold it over to the front and sew right along the edge. I am helped by moving my needle position one step to the right. This, mostly, keeps me from falling off the edge and missing the binding edge altogether.

Here's the final look, with the quilting following the leaves pattern in the batik in the bottom and top panels.

Finally with the binding finished, I wrote the date and my town, name and recipient on the backing between the two lines of quilting.

This went so quickly that I decided I SHOULD really also make the second one which is for myself, before I could say that I had "finished" this UFO. After all, all the blocks were in the same bag, and I had originally thought that they would all be used in ONE project.

So here is the second one at dinner time. This is NOT fall colors.

I had no acorn, but only seven leaves. The oddest leaf went in the Orphans' box. I am putting more sashing in this one to make it long enough to serve as a double placemat on our dining table. Charlie and I sit on opposite sides of the table, across the short dimension. This can lay across the middle and serve both of us.

I'm going to get this done before returning to the Carolina Christmas mystery.

Meanwhile I am enjoying another C.J. Box mystery novel about Joe Pickett, a Fish and Game Warden in Wyoming.



Charlie is cooking dinner
SPRAY basting worked well today
UFO progress


Helen McNaught said...

I really LOVE the Leaves runners. I'd like to know more about the method you used to make them - I think I may have a pattern which produces the same effect.

A table runner for 2 people.... ingenious! Now, if only I could get my other half to actually SIT at the table:-)

Happy Sewing!

Diane said...

These are just beautiful! Christmas blessings to you.