Sunday, December 13, 2009

T is for Tessellation

Fourth UFO finish since November 1. Hurray!

The blocks for this one were made many moons ago at a workshop where we were to design our own tessellation, a single shape that interlocks to cover the field. After these blocks 'rested' for quite awhile, I sewed them together, more or less to keep them form getting lost. At a September bee retreat I finally found the right fabric and put the borders on.

Yesterday and today I did the machine quilting and binding. It has finished to 38.5" square. How's that for an ODD size? Oh, well, that's just the way I work. If it's not big enough to be a bed sized quilt, I just stop when it seems to be done. This could be a neonatal quilt for the Guild collection next March--or I could give it to my Secret Sister.

Advent 3 and we were at Bethlehem Lutheran this AM. We had a close encounter with John the Baptizer asking us why we owned TWO coats when there were cold people out on the street. Good question. If we have food, why are we not sharing it with the hungry? Hmm, another good question.
Darn! These questions make me think I need to change my life.
Maybe I'll stop going to church.


Good preaching
Warm coats!
Plenty of food!


Niki :-) said...

how nice! i love both sides :)

MaryEQuilter said...

Sara - love the tessellations! I just finished listing all my UFOs on my blog so I could keep track. I love that others are doing that too. I need to get mine done and not buy new fabrics until then (like that will really happen - LOL) Mary in MA