Monday, December 14, 2009

UFO #5 in process

Before Bonnie came out with the next clue, which she did today, I decided I was going to finally make something intentional for my Secret Sister.

These blocks were made maybe two and a half years ago, when my good friend Dianne had a workshop at her house for about twenty of us. We all brought "fall" batiks and black fabric and she taught us the technique for theleaves. [Later she gave us each one acorn block.]

After we had all cut out blocks in half on the diagonal, we had an everyone ended up with much more variety than when we came. I came home with enough halves to make 12 blocks.

I am going to make this table runner for my Secret Sister, and then make another for myself.



Exercise class today
Christmas shopping on the internet, almost finished!
Pork roast and Waldorf salad

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