Monday, December 7, 2009

Cutting for Step 4

Sunday after church I rested from the concert on Saturday night -- it was GREAT, but tiring -- and I finished up the CUTTING for Step 4 of Bonnie's mystery. You see the stacks of pieces which will each make ten HSTs.

Today I sewed my first batch of 10 "butterfly" units. There will be 104 when I complete the job. Fairly mindless work, but I need to pay enough attention that I don't sew the units together in the wrong orientation. I have already had to "unsew" two units.

Charlie is in flight to Haiti for an orientation with Food for the Poor. Since he is gone until Friday night, I'm planning on getting a lot of sewing done, and very little cooking.


Friends who came to the concert
Advent 2 liturgy at the Dominican Center
An afternoon nap

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