Thursday, December 31, 2009

Totals for 2009

Because of the One Project a Month challenge [OPAM], that was to FINISH at least one project each month, I set up a sidebar recording system at the beginning of this year. Now I can easily see that I finished 25 quilts of various sizes [12 definitely UFOs and some not], 17 doll quilts, and two grocery bags.

Now how many new projects did I start that are NOT yet finished? SIX, new UFOs going into 2010.

How many OLD, ancient, tottering UFOs do I have?
TEN that are at the "flimsy" stage, blocks sewn together, no border as yet.
ELEVEN piles of blocks, maybe not the "right" number of blocks, and I know there are some more of these lurking out of sight and mind
TWO that are patterns with chosen fabric.

That's an approximate total of 30 projects already in my sewing room. Let's see . . .
if I finish TWO a month, and finish anything ELSE I start in 2010. . .
I'll still have six UFOs going into 2011. Well, that would be a much better number.

Can I finish or get rid of two a month? Do I want to say I will? Is that how I want to spend my time?

I'm going to sleep on it.
See you next year with my answer!

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Cathy said...

Hi Sara,
Yes, I want to attempt to finish my UFO's also. I know that they may not be my favorites which is why I didn't finish them in the first place, or they are more trouble than I thought...also, there are so many other things to sew and create that these projects have gotten in my way. BUT, just like an ugly child, you would still love them!!! So I will attempt to finish what I long as I can start something new along side it!!!
By the way, I use to live in GR as a kid. I lived on NE(?) Walker. I went to a little elementry school near there. And wow, do I ever remember the snows we had..this was in the very early 60's. I have fond memories of GR.

Your blog looks like you do very nice work! :) Keep it up!