Friday, December 18, 2009

SpoolSpinners' Holiday Party

Last night our quilting bee had good food, and a fun pin cushion exchange. After they were unwrapped, we put them all on this table so we could do more oooing and aahhing. Since I don't use a pin cushion, I did play along, but was really impressed with the creativity shown. All very different and hand made.

Secret Sisters were revealed. I received EIGHT round napkins that can be folded in to Christmas trees. And then there were the straight pins. . . . At our September retreat, I forgot my box of pins at home, so I went around the room and begged or stole two of three pins from each other quilter. I was roundly roasted for this thievery then. And my Secret Sister, MargEd Kwapil, gave me 450 pins at this party in December! Don't think I will ever run out again.

My own Secret Sister was glad to get her table topper and a Jim Shore tree ornament, but I forgot to take a photo.

Back home I have been machine quilting this baby UFO that was also bordered at the September retreat. Now to figure out how to quilt that outer green section.



Relaxing and skin cleansing facial this AM
A few Christmas cookies have been made
Presents I was awaiting came in the mail

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