Thursday, December 10, 2009

Step 5 almost done

I did complete the Fox and Geese blocks last night, though I have not yet squared them up.

Here is one possible way they could be put together.

Then I began on the alternate block, which Bonnie calls "Poinsettia Star".
First we take the two HALF units made earlier, a "twosie" in neutrals and gold, and a red diagonal stripe, and we sew those together.

This makes a half a block.

Finally we sew the two halves together.

I have finished 10 if the needed 48 blocks, and expect to finish the rest this evening.

Here's a look at what the two blocks look like mixed together, as if they are going to be placed alternately.
But we don't know yet what Bonnie has in mind for the setting!


I've had a lovely quiet day, only opening and closing the door for Zeke to go out and investigate the blowing snow. Not truly a blizzard, for the visibility hasn't been dreadful on our property. However, all the weather gurus said that we should all stay home until 6 a.m. tomorrow. This suggestion didn't stop the UPS truck from arriving with a Christmas present I just ordered two days ago!

Time to heat up my tea.



Garrison Kieller show on PBS last night
Heat, light and water still working
Wool socks


Bonnie said...

I like your blocks so far. I'm still on step one. Not much sewing time recently. Hope to have some time tomorrow morning. I really need to sew some other rows of blocks into a top before I do too much on the CC. Ah well.

Alycia said...

Beautiful!! your colors are perfect

Suze said...

Love the way you show all the steps in your blog. I've started following you so that I can watch all the steps. I'm still a newbie when it comes to quilting. I'm still on clue #1. I am also overwhelmed with papers to correct and need to work on the backing for a quilt for my brother and his wife for their housewarming gift. Can't wait for winter break. Maybe I'll have time then.

quiltingbonnie said...

Hi Sara,
Can't imagine all the snow. I live in Northwest Fl. When it get chilly here all Floridians panic(smiles). I enjoy your blog. I wanted to ask U if it was tedious with (your present project), all the little triangles? Bonita

Quilter Kathy said...

I really love those fox and geese blocks!