Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2007 Quilting Report

10 UFOs from previous years were completed in 2007.

Oldest: -------------------------------------- Two made into One:

New idea: --------------------------Fun to finish:

11 New projects were started and FINISHED in 2007.
My favorite three:

Prayer book, April ---------------------Bargello, November

-------------Secret Sister, December

So a total of 21 projects FINISHED in 2007. Yippee!

Quilts given to charities: 7 Twin-sized, 4 Doll/Baby/Toddler

Projects begun in 2007 that are UNfinished--7

Having figured out this much of a report, I now need to go and pull out ALL the UFOs from all the previous years, and give a count of them! A couple of years ago I had 67. Then I finished some, and got rid of some. Time for another review and purging. But that will have to be another day!

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