Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Errands & Jazz today

Wednesday is always my rushing-around-town day, breakfast out with my Cursillo reunion group, tutoring two elementary school kids in reading for a half hour each, and then getting in 2000 steps at the Meijer's store before grocery shopping. Had a sugar low because I forgot to eat a granola bar after the tutoring, so I went out to lunch unexpectedly!

This Magi turned left when the two others went past the shepherds. Don't know exactly where his home is, but I think his horse is refusing the jump from the Bose to the piano.

We were invited to Ray and Dianne's for dinner and to go out to Noto's for jazz with Mary Rademacher, both of which we enjoyed.

Now I have finished the 20 Hourglass blocks for the Carolina Crossroads addition, but I haven't put the mini-blocks together to make the Ohio Stars. Hope to get that done tomorrow before the Spoolspinners meeting, and maybe have a chance to study Bonnie's additional instructions.

Steps: 6112 (includes 22 minutes of walking)

Reunion group conversations
Avontea's interest in gorilla calendar
Meal and time with Ray, Dianne, and Jean

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Penny said...

Weren't the magi supposed to go home "by another route". Maybe they are all using their own routes - or maybe they are going to different places.